In relation to the protection of the Personal Information that we handle in our business activities, we stipulate our Privacy Policy as noted below for the purpose of the appropriate management and protection of such Personal Information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations such as the Company Regulations, as well for the provision of a reliable system for the protection of Personal Information and the improvement thereof.


We will comply with laws relating to the protection of Personal Information, other related laws and regulations, and this Privacy Policy in regard to our collection, use and any and all other handling of Personal Information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We use our customers’ Personal Information for the following purposes only:

Provision of our service.
Performance of operations related to the provision of our service.
Research and development of new services.

Handling of Personal Information

We neither collect Personal Information other than by provision from customers (i.e., through illegal methods), nor use any customer information illegally collected.
We will not use Personal Information for purposes outside that agreed to by customers.

We, with the exceptions of the following cases, will not provide to any third party Personal Information that we retain.

(1) Such provision is agreed to by the information owners.
(2) We handle Personal Information jointly with or by subcontracting to a third party to achieve the purpose of use.
(3)We share Personal Information with a specific third party, where the purpose of use and such specific third party for said sharing are notified to the information owners or have been publicly announced.
(4) Disclosure of Personal Information is required by laws and regulations.

Management of Personal Information

We will endeavor to maintain Personal Information as accurately and up to date as possible and we implement necessary and appropriate security measures to protect Personal Information against unauthorized access, manipulation, leakage, loss and damage. We will also provide necessary and appropriate supervision of our employees to ensure the security of Personal Information.

Personal Information Inquiries

Should information owners wish notification of the purpose of use, or the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, usage suspension or suspension of third-party provision of Personal Information, please contact the Personal Information Security Team noted below:

EMI Co., Ltd
Personal Information Security Team
TEL +81-45-242-1235 (Main) TEL +81-45-242-1235(Main)

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